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Company Strength

Exinda boasts a 60,000m² plant and is deeply engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of low-carbon, high-efficiency heat pumps. To date, EXINDA products have achieved various international certifications, including CE, CB, ETL, and SASO, among others.

Social Mission

As a high-tech enterprise, our social mission is to advance global carbon neutrality. Through innovative air-to-water heat pump technology and sustainable energy solutions, we aim to reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and foster a greener future.

Customer Focus

At EXINDA, customer focus is paramount. Our pre-sales experts collaborate closely with you, tailoring solutions to your unique demands. Meanwhile, our after-sales team provides technical assistance, maintenance support, and troubleshooting to ensure that heat pump consistently deliver optimal performance. Sincerity is always our top creed.

Strategic Partnerships

Exinda mainly cooperates with customers on an OEM/ODM basis. For specific markets, we prefer to operate as a co-brand with our clients, or offer EXINDA’s own brand products and services to dealers. If clients have their own idea and design of the products, EXINDA can actualize and modify it to make it easy for mass production.

Inverter Technology Strength

Different from fixed speed systems, inverters automatically ramps up and down bythe variable speed compressor, which means it can adjust the output needed atthe lowest energy consumption based on the ambient conditions as well asmaintain temperature at the most comfortable level.

Therefore, it achieves higher COP, more efficient heating/cooling & hot water evenunder extremely cold climate, and greatly saves energy costs, cut down electricity

Customers think highly of our products for good usability and functionality.

Residential Air to Water R290 Heat Pump
Swimming Pool Spa Full DC Inverter Heat Pump
Commercial R410A Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump
HRV & ERV Ventilator
Pre-Sales Service

Our pre-sale services are designed to assist you in making informed decisions by providing expert guidance and comprehensive product information.

After-Sales Service

Our after-sale team is here to offer dedicated assistance, warranty support and any necessary maintenance to ensure your continued satisfaction with our products.

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Customer can schedule a visit to our factory, gaining valuable insights into our operations and quality control measures.

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