Commercial R410A Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump

Eco-friendly R410A Commercial Heat Pump -ThunderPro Series Focus on Commercial Space Heating and Cooling Heating

-R410A Green Refrigerant
–25℃ to 43℃ Wide Working Range
-IoT Control System
-Commercial 4G-DTU Technology
-Anti-frozen and Intelligent Deforest Mode
-5 Inch Color Display
-Finned Heat Exchanger
-RS485 Centralized Control


Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant

Featured with low operation cost, energy efficiency, environmental protection, great heating effect, guaranteed safety, etc., commercial heat pump is widely applied in commercial buildings, such as hotels, shopping mall, apartment or office buildings, spa centers, villas, schools, hospital, resorts and other places.

Advanced Ultra-Low Temperature Heat Pump Compressor
Adopt liquid-spray cooling technology, which significantly improves the low temperature heating performance.Adopting American Copeland compressor, reliable and stable performance.Small area coverage, lower cost, more convenient installation.Adopting environmental protection R410A refrigerant.Using shell and tube heat exchanger, can take into account the heating and cooling needs.Single system structure, reduce the hidden danger of refrigerant leakage.Integrated design, compact structure, lighter quality than the traditional V-shaped structure, easy to lift.
Defrosting & Heating Independent
When several units work at the same time, the controller will averagely separate units for defrosting and heating, making sure heating demand not being influenced.

Commercial Heat Pump Project